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Waffles in chennai

It is merciless to be forbidden or retarded to bite into the luscious waffles and the dainty pancakes just because one didn’t have an opportunity to visit the west, yet!

OMG! Believe me – they are truly luscious and dainty.

There is small kiosk put in the busiest yet reposeful part of the city, that sells bite sized pancakes, waffles on a stick and crepes with the loved Nutella, chocolate sauce and healthy fruits like banana, strawberry, etc.., absolutely healthy and nutritious as they are freshly baked on order. All tykes and doyens wall on the counters. The grub is easy on the tooth and tummy. It is easy on the go, as they are served in disposable plates and is much easier on the pockets.


a food joint in Besant Nagar, one of the most happening places in the city, introduces for the first time in Asia the authentic taste of the West have a taste of the healthy West with Indian money.

Head to Westfield, you are sure to love the fragrance, freshness, the flavor and its heat along with the soothing breeze of Chennai.